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Galvanometer scanner modeling for Selective Laser Melting deflection system simulation


Modeling of the actuating element of the three axis galvanometer based actuator for Selective Laser Melting (SLM) additive manufacturing (AM) process is addressed in this paper. Dynamic behavior of the single axis galvanometer motor actuator is studied with physical considerations that improve basic linear and simplified existing models and extend the frequency domain validity of the proposed model. Optimal feedback and feedforward-type control structure synthesis is derived through a black-box identification of the actual industrial system for the models validation purpose. Responses of the developed models are compared to experimental data. Modeling errors coming from both the actuator behavior (angular position values) and the marking process qualities (marking and focusing planes geometrical parameters) are found to be sufficiently small to allow the developed simulator to be used as an entry point for future investigations on the the single axis motor and the complete three axis actuator system.
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